Marlabs: Automates Database Documentation in Java

Siby Vadakekkara, CEO
Programming trends are driven by greater efficiency, increased customization, and ease-of-use. Businesses today are increasingly dealing with complex technology challenges, which need suitable IT solutions to enhance productivity. To this demand, Java—an advance development platform for various software tools and solutions enables enterprises to meet their IT requirements in different scenarios. Anchoring the advantage, Piscataway-based Marlabs’ Java Center of Excellence (COE) has extensive domain knowledge and prowess in Java platform and open source technologies. “We have built several advanced applications for our clients using Java,” states Siby Vadakekkara, CEO of Marlabs. “We develop a common technology framework based on industry best practices in architecture, design, and also help customers integrate Java Enterprise systems into their existing enterprise solutions.” With deep industry experience in Java, Marlabs enable enterprises to manage business processes, business intelligence, content management, CRM, websites and middleware.

Marlabs develops cost effective and customized Java based portals that meet the needs of various end-users. Further, the firm provides comprehensive enterprise portals that can be integrated with internal and external applications. The firm’s Java platform is also suitable for developing applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded devices with open source principles. Keeping a track of industry standards, Marlabs has conferred time in understanding the industry’s major architecting trends like TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), Zackman, Gartner and Federal enterprise architecture (FEA).

“Leveraging our extensive technology and domain proficiency, we deliver innovative technology solutions and services that help clients meet their business challenges,” says Vadakekkara. “We leverage our partnerships to help our customers deploy, run, and manage applications in the cloud”. Cloud-based Java applications reduce administration cost and the need for maintenance.
The firm follows a developer-friendly review methodology for Java as automation of database documentation in Java gets generated on each build. In addition, architectural rules are defined as part of continuous integration and get checked on very build with a quality code ensured by code coverage.

Marlabs’s Java based advanced mobile solutions run seamlessly on a variety of mobile devices making it an ideal base for user-friendly mobile applications and RWD portals. Ensuring high availability, Marlabs intensifies accelerators, application development tools, and reusable components, which are used in any Java project.

Designed to streamline and add mobility to sales, Marlabs built ‘SandD’—a multi-dimensional tool, outlined to automate sales organizations of any size. Being flexible, intuitive, and cloud-based, SandD optimizes sales cycles, reduces costs, and increases performance. In one instance, Marlabs assisted a non-profit organization to manage ad campaigns. As the client was handling a large number of ad campaigns, they wanted an enhanced enterprise portal to electronically manage procurement, production, ordering, and related activities. Besides they also wanted the portal to manage and distribute digital assets including images, video, and art files, and track campaign assets. Marlabs built and hosted a highly customized Java based portal to help the client effectively search and distribute campaign assets. Marlabs flexible solution offered personalized options to store, access, and utilize digital content from a centralized location. Moreover, the firm developed comprehensive reporting capabilities that helped them measure the effectiveness of campaigns and calculation of ROI.

Having met dependable track record of high standards of excellence in every customer engagement, the firm’s advantages include time to market, development productivity, code quality, assessment platform, best in class technology competence and solution accelerators. On a progressive note, “We will be the partner of choice for customers worldwide by delivering innovative digital technology solutions that provide outstanding business value,” concludes Vadakekkara.


Piscataway, NJ

Siby Vadakekkara, CEO

Marlabs Software has an immense domain knowledge and expertise in Java platform, building several advanced applications for clients using Java