Symphony Solutions: Redefining the Traditional Workplace Culture

Theo Schnitfink, CEO
Every morning, the very thought of maneuvering through gloomy corridors that house a honeycomb of cellular offices, is a rundown for most office-goers. Employees at Symphony Solutions on the other hand, look forward to each day at work, as walking into office virtually transports them to a quaint Dutch village, Zaanse Schans— complete with a windmill and wooden picnic benches. Doing away with the repressive traditional organizational structure of the past, Theo Schnitfink, CEO of Symphony Solutions says, “While most IT organizations are at par when it comes to technical competence and human resources, what sets a company apart is its unique culture.” Tuning their solutions to harmoniously collaborate with client needs, Symphony Solutions conducts their projects in a manner similar to a symphony orchestra and offers specialized services in Java, C++, SAP, C#/.NET, and other technologies.

Governed by an aim to build long term relationships with clients whose requirements and culture are in sync with Symphony Solutions, Schnitfink considers communication as their key driving force. A customer not only has the discretion to choose the team member they wish to work with, but Symphony Solutions also customizes the solutions to fit a client’s specific requirements. “A major reason why most globally spread IT projects fail is because of a lack of co-ordination and passion for delivery which ultimately results in client dissatisfaction,” remarks Schnitfink. To facilitate optimum communication, Symphony Solutions’ office comprises little Dutch houses on the first floor that serve as meeting rooms for discussions and Skype calls with clients.

Since communication within the organization is just as important as external communication with third parties and partners, Symphony Solutions follows an exclusive hiring process where current employees screen their prospective colleagues. “This approach eliminates possible conflicts and ensures honest and transparent relationships with clients and within the team,” explains Schnitfink. Also, while in the past the administrative model of a company was firmly affixed in a web of hierarchies, Symphony Solutions completely breaks the barriers created by management ranks.

We follow a same desk policy where programmers, testers, and executives all share the same working space

The firm follows a same desk policy where programmers, testers, and executives all share the same working space. Completely negating the idea of plush glass rooms for top tier executives and the complex network of matrix management, Symphony Solutions believes in creating an environment that encourages a high-degree of self-management.

In addition, the company also adopts an equal men is to women ratio, in support of gender equality. “This balance helps us deliver the best possible solutions for our clients,” states Schnitfink. Happy employees lead to satisfied clients and supporting this, a recent study by the University of Warwick reveals that a 12 percent spike in productivity is observed when employees exhibit high job satisfaction. Leaving no stone unturned to foster a highly motivated employee culture, Symphony Solutions offers a Dutch Style Brown cafe, wellness zone, nursery, free meals, open work spaces, training programs, and a corporate doctor on call. “Owing to our people friendly amenities and policies, we have a high employee retention and customer satisfaction rate,” points out Schnitfink. “Moreover, the color of our logo—burgundy—symbolizes the passion that we induce in our work and services,” adds the CEO.

Armed with their socio-cultural and dynamic office environment, Symphony Solutions has expanded rapidly in a span of few years and the company is expected to grow even bigger with time. Setting a revolutionary trend in IT through their pragmatic administrative models, Symphony Solutions is truly spearheading the organization of the future.

Symphony Solutions

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Theo Schnitfink, CEO

Provides IT, BPO, and consultancy services and solutions in custom software development, product and mobile development, and network and system management

Symphony Solutions