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Bharat Khatau, Chairman & CEO
Though there is a great deal of enthusiasm for Node, Ruby, and Python, Java continues to be the most preferred programming language to build mission critical and large scale projects and applications. Interoperability with the virtue of Virtual Machine (VM), platform independence, cloud portability, and high performance are the main elements in the longevity of preference for Java. However, the users often demand self-serviceable solutions which need no further third party assistance. Headquartered in Southborough, MA, Trigent Software provides customized Java solutions to meet business needs such as scalable platform and high performance. Java Excellence Center at Trigent helps companies to design, develop, and deploy enterprise-class Java applications and cloud based applications. The center ensures stability of the applications through testing and quality analysis. To provide scalability and mobility to solutions as per changing business needs, Trigent uses Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud to build cloud based Java applications.

In the development of Java solutions, Trigent deploys various models of application development after due consideration being given to project scope, specification, and deliverables. The company pursues prototype model in the development involving new solutions and modules and it shortens product development life cycle and feedback time. Trigent use development models namely Agile and Waterfall to build complex solutions and refine project requirements. After each iteration, the company uses its own Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework called Spectrum. Team Trigent develops the solution in collaboration with different participants and code generation tool called Coradigm, which is deployed in the application of the methodology. Right from the presentation frameworks like JSP to Software engineering tools like Eclipse IDE and Selenium, the company is proficient in usage of Java based tools

Enriched with experience of two decades, the company focuses on providing solutions that would address problems accurately. “A main ingredient of entrepreneurship is to identify the opportunity itself and have a strong conviction about your abilities to address this. Strength of your conviction drives you to success,” says Bharat Khatau, Chairman and CEO. Team Trigent comprises of professionals with domain expertise and this reduces time to decipher project requirements.

A main ingredient of entrepreneurship is to identify the opportunity itself and have a strong conviction about your abilities to address it

One of their clients provides wide range of internet based solutions to real estate industry which are used for lead generation, communication, and productivity. The product suite built in PHP framework by the client had scalability and maintenance issues. Trigent applied layered approach to build solution in Java SE 6.0 with Eclipse IDE, as development environment and Spring as application framework. To support the web services at the client side, Apache Tomcat web server was deployed. Integration, scalability, high performance, and unaltered database were achieved through Java framework’s light weight components. Eventually, the client achieved scalability and interoperability to integrate with any external system.

Java based solutions developed by the company are proving utilitarian and few factors contribute to Trigent’s edge over its peers.

Irrespective of solution development methodology applied, collaboration with clients on all aspects of project development is the tenet adhered by the company. The company follows two customer engagement models as per the scope and constraints of the project. Fixed priced model is followed when the project deliverables and timelines are well-specified, otherwise time and material model is preferred.

With years of experience and solution oriented approach, Trigent looks forward to solve new challenges in the world of Java development solutions. As changing demands of business environment and scalability, integration, and interoperability are becoming key names in the world of Java development, the company has paved path ahead with full of opportunities and expectations.

Trigent Software

Southborough, MA

Bharat Khatau, Chairman & CEO

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